Attendance Quizzes


A daily refresher on the basic tenets of this course: grammar, punctuation, spelling and style. These quizzes amount to 10% of the overall grade.


At the start of class, students should immediately go to the following site: At the site, students should begin the quiz that corresponds with the class day. Only one quiz should be completed per class day. Quizzes should only be taken in class. Attendance is taken after a student achieves a perfect score on the quiz and sends in a screen shot of the results to


Each quiz may be taken over as many times as necessary to achieve a perfect score. However, only eight minutes are allocated at the beginning of class to complete the quiz. Therefore, it's important for students to arrive early and be engaged in the quiz at the start of class.


After eight minutes has passed, the instructor will begin the lecture. Any students who do not turn in their quiz results by 8:08 a.m. will be considered absent. For each unexcused absence after two "free" absences, two points will be deducted from the final course grade.