Online Branding / Individual PR Assignment



A campaign that enables students to begin posturing for jobs before graduation.

This assignment counts as 20% of your overall grade. 



The purpose of this assignment is to help students position themselves for the job market. Along with developing PR writing skills, it's important for students to understand how to use such skills for professional gain. Online branding involves several components:


  • Market research to identify which branding strategy is most effective and compatible with your goals.

  • Campaign strategy for near-term and long-term aims. Let your professional aims be a guide to your communication plan. 

  • Execution and necessary pivots when change is needed. Anticipate the necessity to evolve as you age and mature in the marketplace. 


Your individual brand is how you are perceived, viewed and understood to stakeholders in your life. In a professional context, it's important for prospective professional colleagues to develop a sense of who you are and your value. When considering "value", it's important to factor how you can contribute to an organizational, a company, a non-profit or an agency. Also, remember that value pertains to relationships, social comraderie, professional image and much more. Your creativity or technical abilities may represent your strengths. If so, those attributes should be exemplified and well communicated with your individual PR. 


The following tasks are necessary to complete this assignment. All assignments should be sent to If any files are too big and must be shared on Google Drive, you may do so by sending materials to 


  • March 1st: Locate a job ad for a position you would apply for right after college. You may choose to identify and target more than one position/job. 

  • March 3rd: Provide early draft of a résumé, provide a model copy of a professional cover letter, and create a spreadsheet of all social media [links, usernames and passwords (don’t show anyone, including your instructor, your passwords)]. Remember, hide your passwords before turning in this assignment.

  • March 8th: Take headshot photo and complete LinkedIn page.

  • March 10th: Self-narrative is due. Your self-narrative should have three parts: (1) an extended 3-5 paragraph professional biography or narrative that targets decision-makers associated with your target job; (2) a one paragraph professional biography or narrative that meets the aforementioned criteria; and (3) a two sentence professional biographic "snip it".

  • March 22nd: Provide template of your personal site. Your personal site should already have edits and initial markups.

  • March 24th: Personal URL's are due. A personal URL is a link that denotes your name or likeness. Remember to keep your URL concise, memorable, free of special characters and representative of your professional brand.

  • March 29th: First draft of personal sites are due.

  • April 14th: 

The following items should be accessible on your personal website:  

  • Résumé;

  • bio/personal narrative;

  • Business brief news release, which may go in your portfolio page (from group assignment regarding investor calls);

  • Online portfolio showcase;

    • A portfolio showcase may include any work you have completed that may add credibility to your brand portrayal. For example, if the aim is to work in a creative agency, which may involve digital media editing, then provide showcases of such work. If you are a creative writer and intend to work in some capacity as a content manager or content curator, then provide examples of your work that are easily accessible and professionally showcased. The best location for our online portfolio showcase is on your personal site. 

  • Blog stories (two, 300 word blogs);

  • Social media buttons that include LinkedIn and at least one other public profile that showcases professional posts (recommended five professional posts if it's a new profile);

  • OPTIONAL AND RECOMMENDED: Brand associations (e.g., any books, media, mentors, investors, prominent alumni or other brands that may boost your credibility and professionalism). Any other content you believe will strengthen your online brand. 


All of the above items, including your site's design, should be at a professional standard described in class. Your site should be considered complete. You must publish your personal site with the URL intended for your personal brand. To turn in this assignment, simply send the link to with the subject line of, "Online Brand, Your Name."